problem in connecting miniusb keyboard to a MID7C tablet

Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Tablets' started by velasquex, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Mpman MID7C
    Hi all,
    I have a probelm with my Mpman MID7C 7" Tablet (this one: when I plug in a miniusb keyboard the display of the tablet freezes and after few seconds it shuts down. I tried with two different leather-case keyboards both Sapac T07-30 (this one: whith the same result. I can say that both of the keyboards work fine when connected to a pc so I suppose they are not broken or else, and the teblet works fine if I connect i.e. to a usb mouse (I have only ps2 keyboards I I cannot make a test with another usb kyboard..) in its OTG miniusb port. The keyboards have a miniusb cable so it is not a matter of wrong adapter it connects directly to the tablet, they just don't want to communicate...any ideas?

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