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Discussion in 'Jellybean' started by takayume, Aug 20, 2013.

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    i-Joy Rebel 8GB
    Hi. I'm new to both Android, tabs and this forum and in quite a mess (not caused by myself nor me).

    So a friend of mine just received a tablet from Spain.
    The model on it's backside is i-Joy Rebel 8GB.
    I did a little Googling and got to the manufacturers site. On that site it says that the tabs OS is Jellybean 4.1.1.
    Now to the problem...
    He's sort of... special. Special in that he randomly drew stuff on the tab when it was locked too many times and now it's locked for good. Tried using my Google account to no avail. He doesn't remember his so that's also a problem.
    I tried the Factory Reset thingy also to no avail; pressed the power + vol-up buttons at the same time, the tab displayed a screen with the Android "in service mode" after which I pressed the reset key. It didn't change anything at all. Still can't do anything with it...

    Is there any other way I can try before trying to reinstall the OS altogether?

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