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Discussion in 'Huawei Ideos S7' started by JTW, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Hallo members,
    I'm new at android and the forum.
    So please don't hit me...
    I got a S7-105 - nice machine!
    After I installed a few apps my telephone-ram is full.
    I transfer it with app2sd to the internal SD card - fine.
    I root the device with gingerbreak - fine.
    I move some apps with move2sd enabler from telephone to SD -fine.
    After a while it's not possible to install app.
    Seems the internal SD is lost?
    I fiddle around - not result.
    I do a reset - not result.
    I put the original firmware to a SD card and update the device.
    Works fine - but no result.

    Is there a possibility to put a complete new system on the S7?

    Hope I find some expert for Help...


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