Problems in Market and screen rotation in my Netbook

Discussion in 'Froyo' started by alejandritox, May 8, 2012.

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    Dear, Ia have a new 10" netbook with the followng features: Model: WonderMedia WM8650 Android: 2.2 Kernel: Number of compilation: generic-enf2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.3-20110819.072300 When I go to Market in order to downloads some apps, the Angry Birds are not free and also I can't see the Facebook application. Facebook and Angry Birds free are present on Android 2.2.1 and 2.3 devices as I can see. Another problem is that some games force my screen to vertically rotate, and after that I can't go back to the horizontal position. I think this is because the games are oriented for tables, is it ??? My question is: these problems can be resolved if I upgrade to Android 2.3 ??? In the affirmative case can you give me some clues to do that ??? Thanks a lot.

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