Problems inputting text for emails Galaxy tab player 5

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab' started by Vtabber, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I've tried several keyboard apps but continue to have frustrating problems writing and editing text, especially in emails. Hope someone can help. For one thing, I can't seem to turn the autocorrect function off, making it almost impossible to type certain words without having them morph into other words.
    Also, I cannot figure out the editing. Especially in emails - and particularly when I use Web email to access my Outlook account at work - when I use the backwards delete button, it erases the word but immediately the misspelled word pops up in front of the cursor again. and again, and again. If I hold my finger over the word and select it, sometimes it brings up a "cut" prompt but sometimes not. Editing is a major pain. Could this be related to my specific email program? It happens less when I"m writing text into a note - I use Color Note.
    this is a problem regardless of what keyboard I use.
    I'd really appreciate any advice you have.


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