Problems with D2-911

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    Toshiba Thrive, Samsung Tab 2, and a D2-Pad(d2-911)
    I am trying to find what custum rom I can use on my d2-911 tablet. I want to change the bootloader, but the tablet says it is unknown.
    The build info says:

    device= nuclear-evb
    Fingerprint= softwinners/nuclear_evb/nuclear-evb:4.0.4/IMM76D/20120928:test-keys
    firmware= 1.5
    ID= IMM76D
    model= d2-911
    tabletUI= true
    tags= test-keys

    There is more build info, if you would need it. Please let me know.

    I have found out that the tablet comes rooted, but root manager will not give me any root info. The box says the S/N is PCTE20121002154. The device will not boot into recovery mode.

    I would appreciate any help/info that will help me change the bootloader(to a faster one) and possibly go to JB or another OS.


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