Product ReleasedAiShuo A815 Metal Shell Cortex A8 PV210 Android Tablet PC 8" Screen

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    • AiShuo A815 Processor Cortex A8 PV210 1.2G Mhz designed specially by Samsung for this style new tablet PC, more functions give it new sense which others brands would not have or attach to advance.
    • AiShuo A815 Use Google Android 2.2 , entirely compatible between each (Loading with Android Market)
    • Build in 512MB DDR Memory and 4GB HDD, So you never mind any possible blocks in the speed of streams.
    • 8 inch wide screen with sides size proportion of 4:3 (Screen Resolution: 800*600), Popular for you like.
    • Unique metal shell, not only designed for beautiful view, but better protect it from any broken.
    • Software: support more than forty thousand software
    • WIFI 802.11b/g Support and 10/100MB NIC
    • Support 3G (HSDPA and WCDMA) with stronger ability of acceleration
    • High Definition HDMI 1080P Output
    • Built-in 2.0MP Camera on the AiShuo A815
    • Also can be installed very well Flash 10.1, any games online you choose, would be played smoothly.
    • Only weigh on 580g, easy to carry
    • Multi-Language Support

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