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Discussion in 'Telechips Based' started by AmHack, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Nexus S 4G & Mystery Adnroid Tablet
    I purchased a generic Tablet running Android for my wife about 4 months ago. She hated it and we were able to get an HP TouchPad cheap, so she is using that and I got the Android Tablet.

    It runs slowly and I would like to Root it and possibly do some modifications to it. I have searched for hours trying to figure out what I have and where I can go for advice, ROM's, etc, but I can't find anything specific to the device. I do have the following info:

    Model #: Android for Telechips TCC8900 Evaluation Board
    Android Version: 2.3.1
    Kernel Version: cbsgpq@CBServer#12
    Build #: full_m57te-eng2.3.1 GRH778 20110414.162501 test-keys

    Also, it shows as a "haipad" in windows explorer when I connect it via USB to my windows XP computer.

    If anyone can point me to the correct site/post, I would be VERY grateful.

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