Quad Core vs Dual Core

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    Hi all,
    I intend to buy new tablet, chinese, 9.7inch.
    I primarily use the tablet for internet browsing, FB. Occassionaly I would like to use the HDMI out to play movie (divx) on the TV.
    Now I see there is a huge offer in front of me, but I need several pointers:
    - Do quad core (Allwiner 31/Cortex A7) are worth the extra cost against the dual core RK 3066? The A31 are ~200-220$, while a RK3066 would be ~130-140$. Of course the A31s have 2G ram, while the RK3066 have 1G ram. Examples of A31s: Nextway f9x, Ainol Novo 9, ONN M8... Example of RKs: Cube U20GT, Vido N90
    - On an 9.7 does the retina screen offer added benefits? I've read that in order to actually see the difference you should keep it very close to you, and that it drains a lot of the GPU?
    Thanks a lot

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