Qualcomm Developing a Multi-LTE Band & Multi-Carrier Chip; Files with the FCC

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    How would our members in the United States like to see a phone that could be used on any carrier? Qualcomm is developing a chip that aims to make that a reality. According to a recent FCC filing, Qualcomm is developing a radio chip that will be able to handle seven spectrum bands, including three below 1GHz. This new chip is called the WTR1605, and it would be ale to handle three sub-1GHz bands, three higher bands, and one "very high band (such as 2.5GHz)."

    The picture above is just a snippet of the overall filing, but here are a few more details quoted from AndroidPolice:

    Additionally, Qualcomm purposefully timed this new chip to coincide with their transition to the new 28nm process for chips. They have "accelerated development" on the chip and plan to begin shipping the first of them to manufacturers this July. The first devices using this chip will likely be in stores by the end of 2012. How's that for cool news?

    Source: AndroidPolice and FCC

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