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    I have two questions about Android tablets (plan to get one within in a couple of months):

    1) Is my assumption correct that you can NOT send/receive text msgs on a tablet or make/take phone calls, but that you CAN send/receive email?

    2) I have written a novel, which I am currently translating into German, which mentions iTunes several times. I would be glad to universally replace this reference to the Android equivalent if there is one. Is there?
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    Well, you CAN send-recieve text messages for free through an app called HeyWire. There are also plenty of other alternatives - TextPlus, etc. All you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) and you can send/recieve at will (and for free).

    As for calling - you usually need an application for that (calling is done through VOIP) and you need to get a plan through a VOIP provider that the app supports.

    Well, if you're talking about iTunes as a media store, then the Android Market is it's equivalent there - it sells Apps, Movies and Books (although the Book and Movie services vary by country).
    If you're talking about the PC application (as in any Windows/Mac Computers), then no - there is no standard Android syncing tool.
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