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    Hi, I'm new to Android community and I've got some question about the operating system:

    1.) APPLICATIONS: Do new application work on older systems like Android 2.2?

    2.) SCALE TO FIT: I read that on Honeycomp mobile applications scale to fit entire tablet screen. Will this be the same on 2.2?

    3.) SCREEN RESOLUTION: I'm buying the tablet with screen resolution 1200x800 and Android 2.2. It reads in the stickies that Android 2.2 officially supports resolutions only up to 854x480. What does it mean? How will this tablet work?

    4.) UPDATE: What determines whether the tablet OS could be updated? Could such tablet with Android 2.2 be updated to 2.3?

    5.) IMPROVEMENTS: What are the improvements you get when updating Android OS? Does the tablet work faster or something?
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