Question about different g-sensor and accelerometers?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by eBandit, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Looking again after getting generic junk (Zeki & Trio)
    I had a Trio Stealth tablet at first and it had problems (went through 2 of them). Now I have a Zeki 7" tablet that is working better overall. But I noticed that on the Trio that when I was messing with the inclometer and bubble level apps (from Amazon Apps) that when I lie the tablet flat (screen up) that either app will swicth to a different bubble level style for that position.

    Well the Zeki does not do this, is still functions in that position as far as moving it around, but does not switch to a different bubble type, so I assume it does not know it is laying flat while the Trio did? I read a review on the Zeki that said because of this certain driving games would not work where you steer via titling the tablet, but I tried 2 so far and both work fine.

    So what is the difference in types of acc. used and what limitations may I see that could bother me (want to know if I should get rid of the Zeki or not)? This is my first tablet (other than testing the trio's I had to return) and it wont be used a ton. So If I return it, I may wait awhile to get another so I can spend $200+.


    PS some say USB keyboards work on this tablet and Zeki says no. Any reason it wouldn't and is there a fix if not?

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