Question about location of latest firmware update for Android Flytouch 2

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    Android Flytouch 2
    Hello everyone.

    So I was just given this Android Flytouch 2 tablet and I would like to download and install the latest firmware on my this tablet from the Android Flytouch2 tablet. Is there a way to do this because I searched around this website but found a lot of links that told me that the page was no longer in existence. My model number is: SAWEE Pad. My current Firmware version is: 2.1-update1 V1.8:#2752. My Kernel version is: infotm-sqa@infotm-sqa-desktop #48

    Do I have to do this from another computer and if so what special equipment do I need?

    I ask this because this is my first tablet I have ever owned.

    I also want to mention that the Build number is the following: wwe 10-eng 2.1 -update 1 ERE27 eng.infotm-sqa.20101224.184001 test-keys

    I truly would appreciate any assistance that would be given to me.


    Okay I found a link that may be able to help me but when I clicked on it I was told that an SD card is required for the download. I have an SD card on my tablet already and yet I got this error message. How would I go about attaching my tablet to the computer and looking at the SD card reader properties?
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