Questions About A Generic Chinese Tablet

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    Generic Android Tablet from China
    I am a complete noob when it comes to tablets, so bear with me.

    I have Android O/S 4.1.1 on a generic, no brand name, made in China by slave children (I made that last part up, probably true) tablet.

    When I look at "Storage" tab under Settings App, I see Internal Storage of .98G, NAND Flash of 5.18 GB and SD Card of 29.49 GB.

    I don't understand:
    • What's the difference between Internal and NAND Flash? I know what the SD card is
    • When I download an APP, how does the computer choose where it puts it? I see apps on both Internal and RAND? I've used over half of Internal and I've only had the tablet a week.
    • Why I can't designate where files go?
    • What happens when I run out of space?
    • Can I put apps on the SD Card?

    I guess the real issue is this: Is there an APP that allows you to see the files on each type of drive, especially data files so I can create folders and organize the data the way I understand and will remember where it is. I'm looking for a program like Windows Explorer or Exploerer2 by ZABKAT.


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