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Discussion in 'Toshiba Thrive' started by gotwake, Oct 31, 2011.

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    huawei s7
    i bought a huawei s7 to put in my car and was almost done with the project. but after removing and reinstalling the screen connector a dozen times, the screen is dead. so i decided i'm going to go another route than opening up a tablet and adding a USB cable (don't have access to the USB plug and planned using a 1 TB ext. HD as well as needed to be able to plug in my laptop), remotely mounting the power plug, and adding a push button for the power button mounted in the glove box (didn't have access to the power button either). the 7" thrive coming out looks like it will be a great option for what i'm looking to do in the space i have available, but since the dock port is on the bottom in portrait instead of landscape, i will either have to get creative in the mounting, or go with the 10" version and make it fit.

    with the dock connector, can i plug my 1 TB ext. HD in and not need any app to get it to work right? it has external power and is FAT32 formatted.

    what apps are most stable for playing WMV files? i've got a ton of videos that are already on the HD, so i'd prefer to not have to convert.

    anyone done any speed testing with SD cards? i made a microSD to SD adapter for the s7, but that won't be needed anymore.

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