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Discussion in 'Nook Tablet' started by Vartarg, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Hello from Louisiana.....

    I use a Apple MacBook Pro as my computer, have a Gen1 iPad, and have also been using a Nook Color ereader for the last year.

    I just got my Nook Tablet last week, and overall am very pleased with it. One of our grown daughters inherited the Nook Color!

    First, how can I use Dropbox on the Nook Tablet? I've tried downloading it through the web, but don't know what it takes for it to work......

    Second: is there any "cloud" functionality to the Nook Tablet itself? I know Amazon has a "cloud"......

    I'm a long time Amazon Prime member, and had a difficult time resisting the urge to go with their Fire tablet....but my wife and I have been so pleased with our Nook Colors that I decided to go the Nook way, and am glad I did.

    Thanks for any help you can offer....

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    Hi George, tonyp should be able to confirm for you but yes you can access the "cloud" from you Nook Tablet and even Nook Color. The "cloud" just means stuff stored someplace besides on your actual device that you access. There are no real special tricks to it so you should be able to access your Amazon prime account and stream movies, music or access your ebooks no problem.

    As far as dropbox, that depends. have you rooted your tablet or are you just trying to side load? I believe dropbox may require root access so unlike some other apps it might not work just by downloading it. Fortunately rooting isn't too tough. You can probably find several video walk throughs on youtube at this point if you are inclined to try it.


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