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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by Firefox60, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Eken m009s
    Hello, I just purchased a 7" Eken M009S 800MHz 720p Quality Android 2.2 from and on the battery usage page it says that 85% of the battery is being used by the "cell standby" I read up on this and from what I understand "cell standby" is not required if you have a Wifi only tablet which this is. Therefore I would like to install a firmware that shuts it off and improves the performance. I was trying to install uberoid v10.1 for this reason but I install it onto the SD card like I was told to and I followed the directions the changer.bat told me. Once I installed it I inserted it into the tablet and the tablet ignores the fact that I have the SD card in it and does not boot the firmware update. Is this because I have to have the tablet rooted? If so what one can I use for this tablet?
    I have been fusterated all day long trying to figure out why I havent been able to update the firmware please help me! :p

    Happy New Years

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