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    So lately I've been interested in getting myself a nice new tablet to play with. I like what I've been seeing, particularly with these Honeycomb tablets, and I can live with them running not quite as fast as my current not so portable laptop, but there is one main concern that has been weighing on my shoulders lately, which is multitasking. Most of my Google searching about how much can be done with 1GB of RAM has been in regard to Windows, and from reading this Short explanation of Android Memory usage for new people topic, I can see that how memory is managed with Android/Honeycomb isn't quite the same. So monitoring my Windows Task Manager and taking notes on memory usage for various programs and websites wouldn't exactly give me a perfect indication of my memory usage on said tablet.

    So to give an example of a typical day on the PC for me, at certain times I may have MSN, AIM, and Yahoo running at the same time. Usually only 1-2 of those, but occasionally all of them. Then I'll have my browser open. I've had a habit of keeping several tabs open at the same time, but I've been working on trying to manage myself and close tabs not being used, but I'll still likely want to have at least a few running on a regular basis. Then once in a while I'll want to have a video or some music playing (and probably android games every now and then too when bored) which I would probably want to have running in addition to everything else mentioned. That's mostly it, besides viewing some documents/pictures and whatever other apps or widgets that may be running in the background.

    So whether you've read everything I've said up until this point or not, my question basically comes down to this: Considering my preferred PC usage, would I feel restrained or experience noticeable slowdowns with my desired level of multitasking on 1GB of RAM? And if so, would it be recommended to wait for tablets with higher amounts of RAM to be released? Just wanting to know if I should be concerned at all. :]

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