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    Hello, i have a question, about the RAM for ICS

    Im new to Android and have no clue! But a complete Geek in Windows Computers

    1) E.g Windows 7 takes around 2gb RAM to run smoothly - How much does ICS need?

    2) When Windows is simply turned on Nothing running Out of 2GB you can see that 800mb ish is used ----- If i just turn on ICS how much does it use? With no apps running?

    3) When i use open Chrome, Youtube, and BBC - Windows RAM goes to 1gb/2gb --- If i open up Youtube and a Tab BBC how much RAM is used up?

    Thank You, sorry its hard to understand but if you need more info reply back.
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    RAM in Android functions somewhat differently from Windows. Read the following link: RAM: What it is and when do you need more?

    One last thing: Android 4.x is some six years out of date, and many apps will no longer be updated for it. You would be wise to do yourself a favor to get a newer tablet. Not only will a newer tablet have more RAM, its processor will also be significantly faster than the Android 4.x tablet. Tablets from that time period generally had a single core with a 1GHz clock rate while modern tablets will have four cores at about 1.5GHz.
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