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    Ramos W17 PRO Specification:
    7 inch LCD display, 1024*600 resolutions, 5 points capacitive touch screen
    AML8726-MX CPU, dual core Cortex – A9, 1.5GHz frequency counter
    ARM Mali-400MP2 dual core GPU, 400MHz frequency counter
    1GB DDR3 RAM, 16G storage, 1G ROM
    Android 4.0.3 operating system, Adobe Flash
    In-built 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, supports 3G USB dongle
    F0.3 webcamera, TF card external
    Supports 1080P, HDMI
    3.7V/3200mAh battery capacity, long standby
    197*113.5*10.5mm, 290g

    The measure of Ramos W17 PRO is 197*113.5*10.5mm with 290g only which is quite portable. Ramos W17 PRO sports 7 inch LCD display with resolutions 1024*600. The images are vivid and bright. Although Ramos W17 PRO does not come with an IPS display, we still can find the photographs are crystal and life-like.

    Operating system and hardware information
    Ramos W17 PRO got a fast speed on turn-on and turn-off. Operating system of Ramos W17 PRO is Android 4.0.3. UI is the standard pattern of Ice cream Sandwich system. Ramos W17 PRO supports 802.11b/g/n WiFi and 3G dongle. I really praise the steady and strength of the device. Being separate by a wall and a distance for 7 meters, I can still find the signal.

    Website viewing:
    Ramos has released their official flash 10.2 version for Amlogic. It was said the AML8726-MX has the authorized flash decoding technology and it supports website viewing GPU acceleration. It is a great improvement of loading speed of dual core device. Ramos W17 PRO took only 8 seconds to load the site while the single core device need 20 seconds due to the flash plug-ins. The flash games run on smoothly on Ramos W17 PRO.

    Playing videos:
    The default UA of Ramos W17 PRO is iPad pattern; this is the traditional design of Amlogic series plat form. In this case, playing the online video will occupy the local player which makes the video have a speed loading and a smooth play.
    Amlogic has very professional experiences in video decoding. The chips from Amlogic are widely used on HD player machine, set-up box and TV sets. The previous chip - AML8726-M has a great decoding performance. In the latest processor AML8726-MX, there are two video DSP decoding decoders which have an excellent decoding ability in different formats. The chip supports 3D video decoding and it can adjust the light, contrast automatically.

    Gaming test:
    I am totally a ball games buff. I’ve tested the FIFA12 and NBA JAM on this device. Ramos W17 PRO has very good performance with its sensitive G-sensor and speed CPU. I also tested the plants and zombies, fruit Ninjia. Ramos W17 PRO showed a great compatible and outstanding run-on during the test. For some single core devices, the resolutions and GPU can not reach the demand of gaming lovers. With the dual core CPU and dual core GPU, Ramos W17 PRO has achieved a great progress in these sides. Ramos W17 PRO also can be rooted with Chainfire3D plug-in with which the device is able to improve the compatible.

    Power consumption and battery capacity test:
    I just did a very simple test. First day, I on the tablet at 23:02 with the battery 46%, and the second day the battery decreased to 42%. That is, the device took 4% power consumption for nearly 9 hours. The reason is that the frequency will down to 96MHz automatically when it’s stand-by.

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