RCA Tablet With Smashed Screen

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    Last night, I dropped my Android tablet and smashed the screen. It still works, but I can only access its contents from another computer (desktop or laptop) via USB cable. RCA will honor my warranty and repair or replace the tablet for a $30 fee. Why am I paying a $30 fee? Anyway, if they can repair it, the tablet will be erased. There in lies the problem. How do I save my calendar, contacts, and Google chrome browser bookmarks? Also, when I cut'n pasted my "pictures" folder, some of the folders inside didn't come with it as in the past... they'd show up on the tablet screen but not my Dad's desktop. What's up with that? If I cut'n paste the "android" and "mtklog" folders, will that save my data such as my calendar?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Google should save some stuff contacts and so forth, the $30 is the cost of a new tablet, RCA isn't going to fix your tablet, they are going to give you a new or refurbished one for $30.

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