RDP into Windows 7 from your ePad using Wyse Thin Client PocketCloud for Android

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch' started by tipstir, Oct 15, 2010.

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    At first I thought this won't work because of the CPU but it sure does work! Not sluggish either over the wireless. I've tested this ePad using another cloud base WiFi sniffer and it is 802.11g/n but does operate in 802.11n.

    By default: is Touch-screen
    Option: is virtual mouse and keyboard

    This is with theme on and sound I am using on Windows 7 Ultimate OS

    This is default without sound or theme on my HTPC Media Server using SageTV EPG

    As you can see it does look great and the connection is super duper quick and hasn't dropped a beat either.

    On the Windows 7 you need to use their server host to install a small program that can tell you how things are on your side. Also if you're away and the PC is on at home you can remote in via Wyse to your system also. Just have to setup that up and go. I've setup but I haven't gone to test that feature out yet.

    On the Android side there are two apps: Free and Full I am was using the Free but now using th Full. With the Full you can Auto-Size without it then your scrolling around the screen. There is keyboard and full function mouse at your beck and call. I am using it to control my EPG for my Media Center, I play on using for the rest of the network as with the full version you can use it on Multi-systems the Free is only limited to one.

    This is the app for remote control into another system on your network or work domain or internet via to another location




    Yes it's a remote control program for your Android. RDP also Vmware can be use also or VNC these are sorts of Remote Control also.

    I control my BT this way also...


    Sound is very loud though.. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit under File Server profile and move media from that to the HtPc daily.

    Now with ePad it's fun to do.. Don't have to use a netbook or laptop or desktop to do that task. I should automate the process in script though.
    If the ePad goes to sleep you can press the home or menu or power and still get re-connected to your HOst system. I think that's great.
    Windows Terminal Server was about the same. I've worked with Wyse Thin Clients prior, very good software this cloud.

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