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    Hello all,

    i am working on a project and i bought the following tablet
    Wholesale - Sample 4.3quot; Via 8650 Double Touch Screen Tablet PC Camera Flytouch Wifi G-Sensor Android 2.2 | **********

    It comes with a special connector that gives 2 female USB with 5volts output power and an ethernet port.
    Operating System: Android 2.2
    Function Comb: Web Camera WIFI
    Holiday: Chirstmas
    CPU Speed: 800MHZ
    Memory Capacity: 256MB
    Screen Size: 4.3 inch
    Screen Type: Resistance Screen
    Processor Type: VIA Nano
    Processor Brand: VIA
    Hard Drive Capacity: 4GB

    Is it possible to read serial data from the USB port like we have hyperterminal on windows?

    If this is not available, could i hire someone to do this for me?

    thanks in advance

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