Readers for S7... Zinio now available.

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    Zinio is a discount e-magazine service. It was pretty highly rated as of the end of last year...I honestly haven't re-checked to see if it's still considered a good deal.

    I opened a Zinio account shortly before buying the S7 back in Jan 11, and was disappointed to find no Zinio app for Android. It's available now thanks to porting from a Euro Android phone on which it was apparently included.

    Here's the link I found and used: How to Get Zinio “Unofficially” Working on Your Android Device*|*Gear Diary . You have to download 3 files and run them in order. Poster said some android hardware has "issues," but it seems to run great on my Best Buy S7 (Rooted Android 2.2--Indonesian version w/ Flash 10.2 from Android market).

    Anyone have thoughts on Zinio before I subscribe to some e-zines?


    ***P.S.... I initially really liked the PressDisplay--the newspaper reader included with the ReadersHub software that installs when using the above process. It worked GREAT during the trial period, but I haven't gotten it to work AT ALL since. As for Zinio itself, it crashes more than I'd like, but it is usable. ***
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