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Discussion in 'Sony Tablet S' started by moordred, May 7, 2012.

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    Hi everyone and thanks for all the great answers.
    I have come up with a very frustrating issue. When using the native sony email software I register my exchange server nicely and all. (I get all the maps and folders with no issue)
    But things seems to have problems anyway.
    For example, it takes enormous amount of time to download new mails (Im actually not sure it works at all if I just have "check for this day only" checkbox clicked.. so far nothing) first I had to check the box to reveive mails up to a month and then slowly it started to download.
    When I try to write mails it works when not having any attachments, but as soon I as try to put a small image (2 mb) it just ends up in the outbox with nothing happening.

    Its so strange because I use the same settings on my htc and everything works flawlessly.
    There is something fishy but I dont know what it can be.. I think I have tried every possible checkbox, clicked and unclicked but nothing changes.

    I guess what Im wondering is if anyone had the same issue and found a solution.
    thanks in advance

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