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    Hi all!
    I have posted this same thing under introductions, sorry about that. I have had my samsung galaxy tablet for several months now and I absolutely love it! I do not ever use my mini Dell computer anymore (thinking about selling my mini Dell, thats how much I like my SGT). And my little tablet goes with me everywhere! My 5 year old son loves to play on it as well. I asked my dh once if he thought he would be interested in one and said he thought he might.

    Anyway, I just won a Samsung Galaxy Tablet - Refurbished on ebay. I won it for $202. I am hoping that was a good deal :eek: Could someone give me there feedback on refurbs, if any? I had decided before even bidding on anything, that I was not going to spend more then $215 for it. And boy, I came close to winning SEVERAL of them up until the last seconds!!!!! I would just grit my teeth when I lost it by like 5 seconds lol....


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