Remote Setup for Android Video at Shooting Range?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Video' started by LTCSZ, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Hi: Complete novice here, and I hope this is the correct Forum section for this inquiry...I hope someone will guide me...Here's the situation: I want to install a remote camera in our Boy Scout outdoor shooting range that will transmit images of the targets back to an Android tablet by Wi-Fi...I will not have an actual Wi-Fi setup out at the outdoor range...I know I can power the camera itself with a small Energizer-type battery pack out on the target line...Is it possible to send a signal direct to the tablet from a camera, at a range of about 100 yards? Can anyone recommend a camera that would do this?...If this is not possible, what pieces of equipment would I need to accomplish this project, keeping in mind that it must all be battery powered? I really do appreciate your advice...

    Steve in Kansas

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