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Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II' started by asdamp, Feb 18, 2011.

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    When i thought about buying a tablet, the idea was to create the perfect tool to remote my home. So now when i got my flytouch 2 im experimenting with the ideal to control every thing in my house.

    So far:

    XBMCremote -> Controling my Htpc's media program with a imbd plugin wich gives me a library with covers, actors and plot (Like a rental store, really really cool. Can upload pics later)
    Price - Free
    Tellstick/SwitchKing -> A telldus tech USB (Swedish invention:cool:) stick that creates a RF network so i can control lights and electricity for TV, Computer and yeah pretty much everything with electricity. I use this with my Htpc as a server and the app SwitchKing.
    Price - Tellstick aprox 110$, free software included for pc,mac or linux.
    SwitchKing is free up to 5 units, then it's a one time fee of 42$
    Spotimote - I Don't know if you know what this is (Called Spotify) cus it's a Swedish software, but anyway it's a free streaming music program with a search engine. Like GrooveShark but a stand alone software. It's really great and you should really look in to it. So spotimote basically remotes the program from the tablet and let you set up playlists, change songs and search after songs from your tablet.
    Price: The software is free but you need Spotify premium to use the remote wich costs aprox 15$/month
    VNClite - This app let me remote my computer just like i do with a keyboard and mouse. To use this you need to set up a VNC server on your computer.
    Price - Free

    Every thing is controlled by WiFi wich is required for it to work.:)
    So what are your thoughts? Have you done some thing similar? Do you guys have any ideas to improve the set up?

    Did not find a thread like this, so mods if you know that there is one please let me know and erase this one.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English due I'm from Sweden:eek:

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