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    My wife and I are thinking of getting rid of our EVO's and getting cheap basic phones (pay as you go) and getting tablets. I have been looking and looking but I can't seem to nail down some specific answers. I've determined that the tablet can't completely replace the smartphone. However, it seems it can replace much of it.

    1. Can I get cell service on a tablet..... and use bluetooth ear buds etc... to make calls. I've seen that you may be able to do this with sykpe and/or google voice? Anyone know when cell service will be available via tablets? I'm not sure what is the hold up on this.

    2. I've seen methods to use texting from tablets via third party programs such as google and others. Are these reliable and easy to use.

    3. Are many of the apps available to say the EVO available on the ICS type tablets. galaxy etc....

    I work in healthcare and use my EVO phone for many medical apps and I'm looking at using the tablet for these. I need something that can fit in lab coat and or a special made pocket.


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    IMHO you are about 18 months from this being really a viable kind of thing. I would love to do the same thing too.

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