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    ThinkPad Slate Tablet
    Hey guys I have the thinkpad tablet, but am now having problems with it, looking at other possibilities. Im not really looking to sink in another 500 bucks into a tablet, but who knows.

    would like:
    HDMI output
    expandable memory
    possibly a stylus
    ICS up
    quality tablet with an honorable company:

    just out of curiosity, who watches movies or shows on there nexus 7? do you find it small?

    tablets I am considering:
    asus700: i heard asus has horrible costumer service
    motorola xyboard found one for $300
    what else?

    would you guys buy a refurbished tablet?
    after having a lenovo tablet and reading about people dealing with those crooks(some guy needed a new screen and they were charging $900 bucks!!) i would like to buy from a good company that stands behind their products. better yet should I buy from a store like office depot or best buy instead of OEM?


    just saw the Sony Vaio Duo 11 ugh...
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