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    My tablet needs a screen replacement; currently you will only see RBGY blocks. On eBay, some listings have included what appear to be model numbers, but none are for what may be my model number; CE0168. This number is listed in white on the back of the tablet, followed by an exclamation point in a circle and a "do not throw away" icon. However, the 'E' is in Classical Greek style, so I am not sure if this is actually the model number. If not, then there is no model number available. This is the only writing anywhere on the device besides they word "Samsung" on the glass and the back upper center. There is no removable cover or anything. Does the model number ever matter when replacing the glass as long as it is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? I see model numbers listed in many places; for iPhone they say "this is iPhone 3 glass" and "this is iPhone 5 glass". But as they are the same size and this is GLASS, I don't really understand how a model so specifically can matter.

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