REQ guide for installing rom on wonder media wm8650 7"

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    i have 7 inch MID tablet and here's the info i have..

    Model number
    WonderMedia WM8650

    Android version

    Kernel version

    Build number
    generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.5-20110920.083830

    can i do this tutorial?

    link: http://www.a n d r o i d t a b l e t

    instructions: remove the spacse on the word a n d r o i d t a b l e t s

    or how about this one...

    Mid 7" tablet Wonder Media WM8650 Android 2.2 Uberoid installation instructions

    or can you just help me install HYBRID Uberoid? by making a thred or instructions here, pls help me.

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