Returned my Craig CMP738B today

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    Craig CMP738B
    Decided after I couldn't get NETFLIX to run or a MP4 Movie I had on an external USB device to play that I would return my unit to Riteaid and go back to my search. I also was never comfortable with a 90day warranty, however this tablet worked well for EMail, Facebook and web browsing. I didn't want to ROOT it as I am no expert and even with the instructions here I was afraid if I messed it up I would not be able to return it. I played with it for a full week I even installed an micro SD card. Again it never let me down, never froze, battery lasted almost the whole day, I could live with the no camera although I was not sure if I could use Skype for voice calls, I did try my Magic Jack that failed it treated the doggle like an external storage unit the software never loaded.
    Thanks to all the information from everyone on the forum special thanks to M3red for all the info. Not sure what's next for me I might just get another netbook Office Depot and OfficeMax had some for less then $250.00.
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