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    For those who dream to own a tablet but also worry about the budget, Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB Mini HDMI Output Dual Camera Tablet could be the solution. Like other Dragon Touch tablets, this model also has easy-to-use features and is known for its brilliant performance. The overall design of this device makes it an instant hit among consumers. Dragon Touch Plus is an affordable tablet with high quality guaranteed. Priced at 89.99$, this tablet offers a wide range of features that one can expect from the best available products.

    Here, we will provide a complete review of Dragon Touch Plus 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB HDMI Output Dual Camera Tablet: a description of the product, its features and specifications, what comes with the touch tablet kit, an overall view, its pros and cons and who it will suit the most.

    Description of Dragon A1X Plus tablet: The sleek device weighing 2.2 pounds has every feature that a common user needs for entertainment. The Quad-Core system ensures that loading of pages and streaming of videos are not affected. The Android 4.4 KitKat helps in multitasking, boosting the performance while a large screen and impressive connectivity make the experience with Dragon A1X Plus all the more exciting. Be it surfing, watching videos or reading eBooks, this tablet doesn’t have a match. Features of the tablet:

    Some key features of the Dragon A1X Plus Tablet includes: · Quad-Core CPU: Dragon Touch Plus comes with a Quad Core CPU which ensures that the user doesn’t face a frustrating stumbling block while having fun. Thanks to this feature, enjoy all stream videos, smoothly flowing gaming, internet surfing and many more to the hilt. High performance is guaranteed with this tablet.

    · Latest Android KitKat Version 4.4 : The freshly released effective system helps in fast multitasking, adds to the user’s convenience while keeping it simple. It also offers new features like emoji, voice search and open/save required files on the Google Drive, among others.

    · Latest Android KitKat Version 4.4 : The freshly released effective system helps in fast multitasking, adds to the user’s convenience while keeping it simple. It also offers new features like emoji, voice search and open/save required files on the Google Drive, among others.
    · Impressive connectivity: While GPS and Integrated GPS make navigation easily possible when the user downloads an offline map, Integrated Bluetooth makes connection to other devices like keyboards and speakers simple.
    · 10.1-inch screen: This makes it comfortable for the users to watch movies or read eBooks comfortably at any place.
    · IPS screen: The IPS screen which offers 178 degrees of view angle, is suitable for watching videos, surfing and reading eBooks. The aluminium body also makes it too easy to carry.
    · Dual-camera design and mini HDMI: While the dual cameras help click more pictures and take videos and share with friends via video chatting, the mini HDMI enables connecting the device with the television set to share with the entire family.
    · Bluetooth: The in-built Bluetooth allows pairing the tablet with another Bluetooth-enabled device.
    · Supports Netflix, Skype: The tablet supports Whatsapp, Netflix and Skype.
    · Expandable memory: The device has an expandable memory and will take take upto a 32 GB Micro SD card.
    · Charger: This touch tablet comes is available a charger with USB connector.
    · What Dragon A1X Plus doesn’t offer/support/have: The touch tablet doesn’t support Square Card Reader, does not have a SIM card slot to help make calls and it will not show 16GB as is seen in the ad for it shows only the storage available after the part of the storage taken up by the system. Specifications of the tablet:

    Here are the specifications of Dragon A1X 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB Front & Back Camera HDMI Output Tablet:
    1. Google Android 4.4 (KitKat)
    2. 10.1-inch Multi-touch screen 1024x600
    3. MTK8127 Quad-Core 4x1.3GH
    4. 16 GB storage,1GB RAM
    5. Dual camera
    6. Bluetooth 4.0, Mini HDMI, GPS
    7. Wireless Version N(802.11b/g/n)
    8. G-sensor
    9. Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.7 x 0.4 inches
    10. Average battery-life (in hours): 8 (eight)
    11. Flash Memory Size: 16 (sixteen)
    12. Processor count: 4 (four)
    13. Power Source: Corded-Electric

    What comes with a new Dragon A1X Plus kit:

    · The tablet
    · AC Adapter
    · USB Connection Cable
    · User manual

    Overall review of the product:
    Overall, Dragon A1X is a product which has little competitors. Be its price or features or the advantages it offer, this touch tablet is certainly going to make its owner proud. There are definitely tablets that have a higher resolution screens but they come with a higher price. The combination of affordability and advanced features makes Dragon A1X Plus too good a product to overlook.

    Pros and cons of the product:
    Dragon Touch A1X Plus offers more pros than cons to a potential user, thanks to its modest price and advanced features.

    On the other side, there has been very little complaint with what the device offers. There are certain things that it doesn’t offer and they have been listed above (in the features section) but there is no problem whatsoever with what it offers. There has been feedback about poor sound quality or that the device loses its charge fast. There are no dearth of products in the market which make very tall promises at the time of advertising; however, when it comes to deliver most of them fail on many fronts. This gadget makes modest promises and delivers exactly what it promises to. Do not expect anything else than what is mentioned in the product specifications and you will find that it delivers on its promise quite handsomely.

    One can use a Bluetooth headphone or ensure that not too many tabs are running at the same time as ways to check these issues. If they still continue, one should contact the seller to see if there is any defect in that particular set. But ensure that the tablet is maintained with gentle hands so that it continues to entertain you in several ways.

    Who Dragon A1X Plus suits the most?
    Anybody who is looking to grab a modest deal will like this tablet. If you are in search of a device to gift your child or if somebody who is not really obsessed with the latest and expensive models in the market, Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB Front & Back Camera HDMI Output Tablet is an option to go for. Also for students who require the minimum fun and functions, this device suits their need. Give this amazing product a try and you will be surprised with its quality and performance.

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