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    It's a trend that mobile devices gonna equip quad core "heart",so quad core android tv stick comes in our expectation.As a fan of android tv stick,I won't miss the first quad core Hiapad Hi802.
    Someone must be familiar with the tech specs of hi802.It comes with Freescale i.MX6Q Quad Core Cortex A9 Processor with Vivante GC2000 GPU is most powerful android tv stick product at present(Benchmark scores follows next)
    It has 1GB RAM and 8GB NAND flash memory(microSD card slot) and the device supports HDMI video output and Built-in Wifi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth. It can work well with almost every app like YouTube, Hulu Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flicker, Google+, Gmail , PDF Reader, e-Book Reader Office(some need you download from the internet) The ports of it includes Micro USB 2.0,USB 2.0,TF Card slot,HDMI Jack.

    The main difference between hi802 and other dual core tv stick definitely is the "chip",hi802 has a Freescale i.MX6Q Quad Core Cortex A9 Processor with Vivante GC2000 GPU while dual core ones basically configurate RK3066 CPU and unknown GPU.From the benchmark scores hi802 get 10014,generally,dual core android mini pc tv stick can get around 6000 scores via antutu,you can tell which is good from a bunch of devices.


    In looks,hi802 also has his own character.The previous android tv stick has ventilation holes on back side of body while hi802 has back side ventilation holds and holes locates on both edge of the device.

    Group Deal About Hiapad HI802(Actually,Hi802 is the exactly same device as GK802 with different covers):
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    Nice hands-on video from lightake:

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