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    From the release of google Nexus 7,consumers start to pay attention to 7” tablet with 1280*800 Resolution screen.Chinese manufacuturers won’t miss this opportunity,so we see a number of 7” HD display tablets hit the market.Among them,Ramos W28,by virtue of its impressive display performance and extreme thin body(comparing with the same level devices),win great popularity.Now,I’ll bring you some hands-on information about it.

    Pure white body as well as black screen frame comes with powerful visual impact.I guess you’ll be attracted by its extremely thin and simple looks.Though the test device(not the offical releasing version)I get,the body joint of the device is very close.Manufacturing process is as good as previous ramos products.
    When first looking at Ramos W28,I find it looks like W17pro,but it’s just inheriting Ramos style,the whole mould has been redesigned.Its screen proportion becomes 16:9 from W17′s 16:10 so that W28 doesn’t look as long as W17pro,its length and width is more harmonious.Some people may have questions like this:is it good for single-hand hold?yes,most people can easily do it.
    Actually,if you want to operate the device with a single hand,just good proportion and right body size are not enough.so I want to talk its weight now,the whole device is just 282g which is rarely seen among HD display 7” tablets,it should contributes to Engineering plastic material,what’s more,W28 doesn’t look as cheap as tablets made from the same plastic material.​
    Ramos packs a 0.3MP front-facing camera.After simple hands-on,it turns out that Camera sensitivity is good,which works well even in low-light conditions.
    As is known,interface configuration means a lot to tablet’s function expansion ability.Ramos features
    1 x TF card slot; 1 x Mini HDMI Port
    1 x Micro USB port
    1 x 3.5mm Earphone port
    All this make the deive easy to use.
    since the update to android 4.0,tablets depends less and less on physical keys,so Ramos W28 only has power key and voice on/down key,however;the key button is small and hard,not comfortable to touch.
    The speaker lies at right bottom part of back of the device,when turn the voice up to the most,it has no broken sound but the sound is far from good quality.My suggestion is that buy a good earphone or headphone to listen to music.
    No need to talk it more,screen is one of the most important hardward specification to consumers.Ramos W28 owns a 1280*800 IPS display,which is relatively big progress from mainstream 1024*600 display.Actually,I say W28 has good display performance not only for its high resolution but its ourstanding color and luminance performance.No matter reading at night or in the open air,you can have a nice reading experience.Regarding display color,the photos above can tell you how good the display works.​
    Color reduction is accurate, and contrast medium.It has the obvious IPS screen trait:almost 180┬░view angle,you can read from any angle without worrying color is getting dark. ​
    Ramos W28 houses an Amlogic AML8726-mx cortex-A9 dual core CPU and dual core Mali400 GPU.The tablets own the same CPU and GPU solution win consumers’ trust by their stable performance.Amlogic solution has a feature:you can choose switch your CPU to high performance mode and normal mode.According to antutu benchmark software,when using high performance CPU mode,the CPU dominant frequancy is 1.5G,Normal mode,1.3G.In high performance mode,W28 is able to get 8462 scores,from its GPU test,I guess the device may not so right for playing some great 3D games.
    Ramos w28 is a well built 7” dual core IPS tablet.It has both impressive HD screen and high performance AML8726-MX dual core CPU.It’s enough for daily amusement,like watching videos,reading,playing games.For those who value portability and HD screen,ramos w28 is a tablet worth expecting.

    Detailed Tech Specs:[h=2]Ramos W28 Dual Core 7 Inch 1280*800 IPS Screen android 4.0 Tablet[/h]
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