RMA Process for ASUS Tablet - Dropped TF300T

Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by DennisNB, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Asus TF300
    I am posting this to explain the process I followed when I dropped my TF300T tablet and cracked the screen membrane. I was unable to find helpful postings on the Internet.

    I bought the tablet from Amazon without damage loss insurance using my American Express credit card. On the 79th day I dropped it while on vacation. I discovered that I did have a 90 day accidental loss coverage through AMX and started a claim with a phone call. The claim rules are:
    • Claim Form. Signed by Cardmember.
    • American Express card billing statement showing Cardmember name, account number and transaction charge.
    • Charge receipt showing transaction billed to American Express card.
    • Police Report
    • Photos of item (clearly showing damage if present)
    • Itemized repair estimate from a service provider such as the manufacturer, retailer or repair shop
    • Homeowners/Renters insurance declarations page showing insurance carrier name, phone number, policy number, deductible and policy coverage dates. Coverage dates shown should be valid on date of incident.
    The above must be provided within 180 days of loss.

    Today, 90 days from purchase, I started a RMA with Asus using the Internet and received a very quick email with an email request ID number. Following a link in the email I found this information.

    If your query is not replied within 48 hours, the system will raise your query level as first priority automatically. Thus, your matter will be processed by ASUS technical personnel as urgent. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    In order to meet the AMX requirements, I placed the tablet in semi darkness and used a non-flash camera to take a picture of the screen with the crack.

    I understand that I will be paying for the repair. I will buy insurance on the repaired or new tablet. The insurance costs about $30 per year and after that time, I am assuming the tablet will be obsolete. :rolleyes:

    Does anybody have any suggestions on the next steps I should take?

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