Rockchip RK3188 Review

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    Rockchip RK3188 Review

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    Model NumberSemiconductor technologyCPU Instruction SetCPUGPUMemory TechnologyAvailabilityUtilizing Devices
    Rockchip 318828 nm HKMGARMv7Up to 1.8 GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex A9Mali-400MP(Quad core, 533 MHz)DDR, DDR2, DDR3 support, up to 2 GB2013Cube Pea II, Cube U30GT2,CloudnetGo CR9,JMI Pulse 10, Tronsmart T428,PIPO M9, Rikomagic MK802 IV, Ugoos UG802B, Ugoos UG007B, Ugoos MK809 III

    This is the first Chinese quad-core CPU using the 28nm process

    This process is specifically designed for mobile devices.
    The battery life has increased dramatically and it provides excellent performance. Compared to the 45nm LP SoC low-power technology, there is a process performance increase of 55% and 60% power saving in Rockchip RK3188 HKMG technology according to the latest figures(Samsung Exynos 4412 uses the same technology).

    The A9 performance is more competent than the A7.
    Most Quad-core phones and tablets are now using the Huawei Hass K3V2, nVidia Tegra 3, Samsung Exynos 4412 and are based on the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture giving high performance and improved power consumption.
    The RK3188 quad-core A9 architecture chipset produces superior computing power and requires less power consumption than the A7 chipset. In addition, the ARM A9 packs out-of-order execution architecture technology while the A7 does not have such technology.
    The RK3188 chipset supports the 4G era.
    The RK3188 uses the latest high-speed communication interface priority which is used to connect in 4G (LTE FDD / TD-LTE). In addition, the high-speed communication interface is simpler – only 2 cables (this standard can save power consumption, lower cost).

    40nm vs 28nm technology - lower power consumption.
    28nm chipsets are obviously smaller than the 40nm chipsets. This also means that they utilise higher technology and some savings in terms of power consumption, compared to the 40nm chipsets. For Games, video, web browsing and data transfer,according to the latest figures the power consumption is cut by 40%!!


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