Rockstar Games Porting Grand Theft Auto III to Select Android Devices

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    If you are a fan of the gritty sand-box style action game "Grand Theft Auto III" From Rockstar Games, and you have one of the following Android devices listed below, then you are in for a treat very soon. Rockstar Games is reportedly going to port their award-winning and highly successful game to a limited amount of Android devices. It's pretty amazing to think that one of the most advanced PS2 games is now playable from a device that fits in your pocket. That just gives us a bright vision of the future where we can experience holographic virtual environments projected onto our retinas.

    Okay, so that's probably still a ways off, but you can't blame me for being forward thinking. I will have no problem with being lost in a virtual "Elder Scrolls 10" on my "Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime 12 SE" when I am in my 80's. xD

    Here's a list of compatible Android devices:
    • Droid X2
    • HTC Evo 2 (Probably the EVO 3D, or is it some unknown future device?)
    • LG Optimus 2X
    • Motorola Atrix
    • Samsung Galaxy S2
    • Acer Iconia
    • Asus Eee Pad
    • Motorola Xoom
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    I must admit to being surprised by no love for the Bionic. It must have something to do with its graphics processor. What do you guys think?

    Source: PhanDroid
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    This will be a perfect addition to my transformer!

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