[ROM] 01-09-11 Ganbarou ROM V1.1

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    WSL XVision (aka Advent Vega)
    Last version of this ROM.
    I messed up SP1. I am sorry for this.
    V1.1 is availale now.
    A small update for my latest tablet ROM with a some bug fixes and improvements.

    It includes:

    • Live wallpapers
    • Fixed problem with screen calibration application
    • Added Suspend mode by short press of power button
    • Small graphical changes in the status bar


    Some users were complaining that Live Wallpapers are missing. Ok, here you get them back.

    In V 1.0 I included a wrong version of the screen calibration utility that caused FC. this fix includes a working version.

    I found as well a solution to enter the suspend mode by just pressing the power button. The behaviour is now like:

    • Short press (~2 sec) => tablet enters suspend mode
    • Medium long press (~4 sec) => power option menu is shown
    • Long press (>8 sec) => tablet switches complete off

    The full ROM is in the ROM download section.

    If you are coming from another ROM then I strongly suggest a full wipe of Data, Cache and Dalvik-Cache, otherwise the ROM might not work correct.

    And as usual: You use this ROM on your own risk. I am not responsible if you break your device, loose warranty, get into a fight with your wife or loose important company data from your SDcard.

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