[ROM][06 Nov 2011][3G only]Gambarou GT V0.1

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    WSL XVision (aka Advent Vega)
    Here comes my first Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G ROM (GT-P7500).

    Nothing real new, just took the latest "GT-P7500_XME_P7500DXKI2_P7500OLBKH1_P7500XXKI1" ROM and made some minimalistic changes. This ROM is Honeycomb 3.1 and it includes TouchWizard.

    The languages are limited in this ROM version, it was created for Asia and South East Pacific countries.

    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • English (Philippines)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (United States)
    • Vietnamese
    • Korean
    • Chinese

    Be aware that this is only for the 3G version of the SGT. I cannot test on Wifi, LTE (4G), or 10.1v versions of the tablet. I guess it will not work and you will get into problems.
    You flash this ROM on your own risk. If you damage your tablet with this ROM I take no responsibility for it.

    Ganbarou GT V0.1
    md5 checksum = 2ca553f8d43d55e2797053a6ae7db23b


    • Rooted
    • Deodexed
    • ZIP aligned
    • Flashable with CWM
    • Overcome CWM Recovery
    • Added AllShare, ADB over WiFi, TitaniumBackup to the ROM
    • Changed wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper
    • Ads free host file
    • Changed APN config file to include Softbank Japan

    Open tasks

    • change power menu and add reboot and boot to recovery
    • add Pershoots or RioGo kernel
    • change look to standard HoneyComb look
    • change Google Calendar to standard
    • ...

    Screenshots and changelogs and downloads are here.
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