[ROM][08 Jan 2012][3G only][HC 3.2]Ganbarou GT V0.5a[P7300]

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    Honeycomb 3.2 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G (GT-P7300).

    With the help of MikeO and dg5fdg from Android-Hilfe forum I could get my P7500 ROM working on the 8.9er tablet.
    My support for this ROM will be limited, as I do not own a Galaxy Tab 8.9. But with your help I think we can solve the problems.

    I guess this will be the last Ganbarou GT ROM based on Honeycomb 3.2. As everybody else I am waiting that the CM9 ROM or an IceCreamSandwich ROM from Samsung is coming.

    This version of the ROM is based on the XXKL4 stock ROM released for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Italy. It will not change your kernel or recovery. You need to flash them by yourself if you want to change.

    You need CWM installed to flash this ROM.


    • Be aware that this is only for the 3G version of the SGT. I cannot test on Wifi, LTE (4G), or 10.1v versions of the tablet. I guess it will not work and you will get into problems.
    • You flash this ROM on your own risk. If you damage your tablet with this ROM I take no responsibility for it.
    • Start SuperUser once after 1st boot to make sure its working correct!

    Credits & Thanks:

    • Thanks to LuffarJoh, his application CheckFus gave me the base ROM.
    • Credits for the reboot option in the power menu to designgears (his tutorial helped me to change the power menu)
    • Credits for HoneyComb icons to b00sted. Thank you for the permission to use them in my ROM
    • Special thanks to MikeO and dg5fdg from the Android-Hilfe forum. Without their support this ROM would not exist

    Ganbarou GT V0.5a 8.9

    Changelog / Features:

    • Added faster launcher from ezcats Fluffy ROM
    • Added ICS animations from ezcats Fluffy ROM
    • Changed to new ROM base XXKL4
    • All apps and Live Wallpapers from the stock ROM
    • - ReadersHub (working) with Zinio, PressReader and Kobo)
    • - NeedForSpeed Shift (as it was on the original ROM)
    • - Live Wallpaper Aquarium, Aurora, BlueSea, Deep Space, Holo Spiral, Shilouette
    • Fixed browser "Find on page", now working.
    • Honeycomb icons taken from b00sted AOSP theme (with his permission)
    • Reboot option in Power Menu
    • Rooted
    • Deodexed
    • ZIP aligned
    • Flashable with CWM
    • Added ADB over WiFi, TitaniumBackup (in data/app folder, not in system/app)
    • Changed default wallpaper, lockscreen wallpaper.
    • Ads free host file
    • Changed APN config file to include Softbank Japan


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