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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by frivlus, Oct 14, 2011.

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    By trade, I am IT security consultant and a researcher. I thought I would share somethings with the group, particularly with newbies. In our zeal to update our tablets with the latest and greatest we often lose sight of security.

    A great deal of the tablets we use on this site are of Chinese origins; whose levels of quality are as broad as the number of stars in the sky. With that in mind, I'd like to remind everyone to practice greater care when acquiring new ROMs and Apps.

    China is known to conduct state-sponsored cyber-terrorism and also known to use its universities and businesses to further these goals. Its a fact; not speculation. Ask Google, Microsoft, Adobe and many US government contractors who have fallen victim through various vectors that weren't always the most direct methods, as published in GCN.

    They also use the web as an avenue to test various techniques. Providing software via torrents, and P2P networks, infected with malware, is a very popular method. its also a method many of us use to acquire new ROMs and sideloaded apps.

    Please remember to virus scan ANY file you download to hack your tablet. After success we want to share them with our peers here and thats understandable and appreciated. Just as would wash your hands after a sneeze or cough as not to inadvertently spread any germs do the same with anything you download to hack your Chinese based tablets. Alot of times we have received the files from strangers who may not be as diligent as you are, so remember, to virus scan your files upon receipt you never know their true origins.

    This may not be the correct place for this post, I will defer to the administrator for that determination, but given the number of files I have received from people while tweaking tablets that have been discovered to contain malware, I decided to post a reminder to everyone to practice good cyber-security and have fun.
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    I'm not sure where to put it myself, but the new member section is definitely not the right one. Since it should be in a section not specific to a particular tablet, I'm thinking the Android Tablet Discussions section would be best.

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