[ROM] Elocity A7+ "EviLocity v1.0" Android 2.2 rooted rom.

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    ROM EviLocity 1.0 Android 2.2 Rabid ROM ----- Elocity A7+ ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Main features:
    - Fully rooted with proper edit to boot.img for ro.secure+0 in the default.prop
    - Based on last official 3.0022 firmware ( All A7+ no old A7 components).
    - Edited proper default prop to 0,1,1,1 instead of 1,0,0,0
    - Removed bloat apps
    - Added EStrong Suite - Task, Security, and File Manager, and Rootexplorer.
    - WiFi tweaks.
    - Build.prop edits for performance, ram consumption (360MB free, varies).
    - 1% Battery MOD
    - Some graphics and font changes
    - Duplicated libraries deleted.
    - Some build.prop tweaks to improve performance, wifi responsiveness, and better ram consumption, etc
    - Use UOT screen transitions
    - New boot animation. "Zombies" ( unfortunately the system boots so fast now, you only get to see the whole thing the first boot. LOL)
    - As far a testing goes everything works

    Issues - None it did not have already(so far). Still has the SOD (sleep of death) issue. I have found that utilities that can set WiFi to "sleep never" help and I used Overclock widget to set the minimum power to 500MHZ. The system by default drops to about 150-200MHZ and when it drops that low it seems to hang. I have also found having something plugged into the USB can be removed and replaced quickly and the remount causes it to let you take it out of sleep. Perhaps other overclock tool can do the same and work better?

    Download EviLocityV1.0

    When installing an 8GB or smaller microsd works well.

    Install Instructions:
    This runs like a normal update so you should still have your apps, but the following is the best way to flash this ROM. Either way backup your files before using.

    If by using this mod the world comes to and end, or you are suddenly sucked back in time only to accidentally kill your grandfather leaving your future uncertain, I take no responsibility for the consequences. Oh yeah. same thing if it screws up your tablet.


    I have not tried using the built in update process in the system settings, feel free to give it a shot first, but this is the best way in MHO. Always have at least 50% battery but better still be plugged into power.

    1. Copy the the update.zip file to a microsd either directly on your PC or through USB to the tablet external drive. In this case /sdcard/sdcard-disk0. Make sure it is the only update file on the card.
    NEVER INSTALL ANY UPDATE FROM THE INTERNAL STORAGE. If something should go wrong you could be stuck with that same image reloading every time you try to go into recovery and you may never have a way to remove or get past it.

    2. With the tablet powered off power on by holding down power button for two seconds, then release and press again and hold until you see the message " Hold power for 5 sec...."

    3. Release power after the message "booting recovery kernel".

    4. Wait until the Android with the triangle and exclamation over it's head pops up.

    5. Press the home button to bring up the recovery menu. Use back to move down, and menu to select

    6. Scroll down and select Wipe data & cache, then select Yes delete all user data . The tablet will reboot, just press and hold power until you see the recovery loading message again.

    7. When complete select Wipe cache partition and wait until complete.

    8. Select Apply update from external sdcard.

    9. Scroll to the update.zip file and select it.

    10. Wait for it to complete then select Reboot system now when prompted. Device will go through a few screen changes just sit back and wait for the boot animation.

    The first boot will be slow as it has to rebuild the cache.
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    elocity a7+
    i did the quick system update install from the system menu. it like it was supposed to. Thanks for a cool ROM!

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