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    COBY KYROS 7015 | 7015A

    Tablet Requirements
    Prior Build Numbers: WMT211, WMT2.1_105, WMT2.1.1_105
    256MB of RAM
    2GB NAND Internal Storage
    16GB External Storage
    Vibrates when you turn on power
    Blue Power On
    Red Charger
    Headphone Jack is Green
    24-pin or 30-pin Slot
    7" Screen Size
    800x480 Visual Screen Size 7"
    EKEN Tablet

    Package contains 22 Wallpapers and 9 from Xoom but designed for EKEN 7" Tablet plus some extra wallpaper too for total 22.
    App to run the Wallpaper on a 10 sec or 10 minute cycle.
    61 Apps (included are Rooted Apps, Non-Rooted Apps and Games) Collection Included for 2011
    Benchmark Score: 391 (will vary from 379 thru 384) on average. Your score will vary

    Package is designed to RUN ONLY ON EKEN M009 WITH 256MB OF RAM ON 7' 800X480 DISPLAY, BLUE LED POWER ON, GREEN JACK

    Tweaks, Setup and Configuration
    Dealing with HoneyComb V9

    This file can be found here

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