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Discussion in 'Telechips Based' started by balistreri.nick, Jun 1, 2011.

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    MID 7008 Android tablet

    I know I'm new to this, so be patient.

    Is it possible to put together a ROM Hybrid for specific Android tablets
    that would have the WIFI ADHOC mode enabled already?

    For example, the Coby Kryos MID 7015 tablet..

    Would it be possible to create a ROM upgrade for people like me, who
    are very confused by all the rooting, and file mods??

    It occurs to me that a simpler way to upgrade an Android tablet must be
    possible and would not require users like me to hack and crack our way thru it..

    Just to add a quick additional note on this topic..

    I for one, would be willing to pay for such a solution.. I am also quite sure that alot of people would be willing to
    pay for some kind of Android OS upgrade that has been tested on specific tablets. I would buy that tablet and the
    upgrade in order to solve my problem and avoid the misery of all the rooting, and file hacking, and possible screw ups.

    I'm a newbie, so be patient here..

    Would it be possible to have an upgraded Android OS ROM Hybrid, let's say of Froyo for example, that already has the
    WIFI ADHOC mode enabled for us rookies???

    Let's say, some kind of simpler ROM O.S. upgrade for specific tablets???

    I already bought 2 tablets, a MID 7008, and an E18 WM8650 model. I really want to get the ADHOC enabled on either or both
    of the tablets, but to be honest, I am totally lost and worried about hacking and screwing them up.

    I would buy another tablet if I knew I could enable the ADHOC mode safely.
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    I wish somebody could answer this. I also in need answers to your questions 'cos we're both new here.

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