[ROM][JB4.2] Ganbarou GT-P7500/01/10/11 Android 4.2 experimental based on CM10.1

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    WSL XVision (aka Advent Vega)
    V3.04 is ready for download!
    New version is finally up. Again I was struggling with changes on CyanogenMod (change of build process) and the switch to Android 4.2.2 R1. Main change in this ROM is the option to place the navigation bar left side, centered or right side. See screenshots below.

    V3.03 is ready for download!
    This version took some time. Android and CM10.1 sources moved on to Android version 4.2.2. Still not final, still glitches in the ROM. Beside of the new Android version I enabled MTP connection now by default, made Developer options and Performance tabs in Settings are now visible by default and removed many developer options that are not important for most users.

    V3.02 is out now!
    Added default boot into Tablet UI or Phone UI depending on build.prop entry tablet.mode, fixed missing battery percentage and fixed wallpaper selection for lockscreen.

    Small update of my ROM. I was sneaking around and found the code to switch the UI between tablet mode and phone mode. Many thanks and credits for this patch to SGT7 who published his ROM code on github. Switch between the modes in Settings->System->Status bar->Tablet UI

    This ROM is my first trial to build a Android 4.2.1 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
    It is based on CyanogenMod 10.1 but flavored with my small own changes as usual.
    GApps for JB 4.2 is included in the ROM.

    Please check the XDA discussion thread for CM10.1 for additional requirements to use this ROM. Check there if you come from a ICS ROM, as you will need a new bootloader.


    Reported bugs:






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