[ROM] M701 avaliable from Haipad (20110111 HY)

Discussion in 'Telechips TCC8902 Development' started by mELIANTE, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Any chance anyone in the know could just tweak the 4gb version for us 2gb people, is it possible I wonder?

    Maybe normal android 2.2 version could be loaded and although it is not fully functional replace all the non functional items like camera video google maps, google android market and so on, is this possible or is it not as easy as that?

    There were only a few things wrong with that 2.2 version, it actually ran quite well on my pad but i think just the fact that it had a camera and video feature but we couldn't use and the market not being there annoyed me. Anyone dudes out there with an idea perhaps? Or for this m701 any ideas apart from using the firmware described as ok above that could perhaps enable us to use 2.2 at least until the proper haipad version is released it is going to be.

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