[Rom] Tsunami Custom Firmware for Herotab C8 & compatibles.

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    Tsunami Custom Firmware for Herotab C8 & compatibles.

    The developer:
    Mr. T. L. Bardell Jr., or tlbardelljr, is a well known & most popular custom firmware (CFW) developer for the Viewsonic gTablet. He is best known for the CFW Flashback Android 3.0 HoneyComb. The CFW has approximately 50,000 users worldwide. In addition, he developed other CFW's based on Android 2.2 Froyo & Android 2.3 Gingerbread plus the contribution to the development of HoneyComb custom kernel. His latest contribution is the Tsunami CFW, which is based on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, for the Herotab C8 & compatibles tablets.

    The features:
    . Current version 1.8
    . Gingerbread 2.3.4
    . Support user selectable configuration at flashing for either the traditional internard sdcard mount or the unique external sdcard mount. The latter one is most unique among all current firmwares, either stock and custom. The default setting allows apps & user data to be installed and stored on the external sdcard. This feature made the upgrade and/or back-up to larger sdcard easily without the need to connect to a PC.
    . Support user selectable configuration at flashing to enable BlueTooth, NTFS and 3G. The features are disabled by default for battery conservation.
    . Support BlueTooth, NTFS, 3G (Huawei E180, E251, E220, E1750, E156G).
    . Support Flash Player 11.
    . Support Camera
    . Support YouTube
    . Support popular video formats (mostly depend on user apps)
    . Support Gallery, Music, Market, Talk.
    . Support Wifi, VPN
    . Support custom GUI (Graphic User Interface) with beautiful animation and various custom setting.
    . Support ADW Launcher
    . Support App2SD
    . Support HDMI output
    . Built in free Titanium Backup, Root and SuperUser.
    . Compatible with popular games.
    . Small foot print. just over 92 MB.

    Tsunami Website [ROM] Tsunami - Gingerbread V1.7 12/04/11 [Herotab C8] - SlateDroid.com

    We tested the firmware on a couple of C8's and a C8M.
    After downloading the firmware from the original posting at Slatedroid, we extracted the content of the firmware onto an micro sdcard (which was previously formatted in FAT 32), then inserted it into a TF slot of the tablet and booted up with Menu + Power buttons. The first boot took over a minute. Regular boot up time afterward was exceptional quick, in under a minute.

    Our first impression was WOW. App window flied across the screen beautifully and smoothly unlike anything that we have seen on other firmwares.
    After wifi setting and google account setup, which was a snap, we connected to market. All our apps were there for downloading. We also tried to search and install a few free apps & games. No problem whatsoever.
    We love Plants vs Zombies, Fieldrunners HD and Asphalt 6.0. After restoring the apps & there games' data, the games played effortlessly. Some users reported issue with certain 3D games and requested a lower CPU setting. The Tsunami development team agreed to consider that option in a future release. See our list of tested games below.
    We tested google earth and google maps with street view option. No surprise there. Everything displayed smoothly and effortlessly.
    We tested Aldiko reader, BBC News, CNN news, Opera web browser, youtube, mail and a few others. Everything worked well.
    Video streaming is important to us, so we downloaded UPnPlay and Rockplayer. UPnPlay connected to our HP MediaSmart Server quickly and Rocplayer kicked in to stream. Our collection of videos is mostly in 720P and in mkv, mp4, avi, flv. All streamed well without lagging with our D-Link DGL4500 and Netgear WNDR 3800.
    We tested NTFS and BlueTooth. All worked well. We did not test 3G as we have no equipment. Some users reported that 3G function needs more fine tune. The development team mentioned that future release will address that, plus a few other features that users requested.
    In summary, we found the Tsunami CFW to be most pleasant and useful to use. Perhaps we could summed up it up in three words, Funtional + Stable + Speedy. We highly recommended this CFW over any others that are currently available.


    Tested Games:
    All Angry Birds,
    Angry Birds
    Angry Birds Seasons v1.2.0
    Asphalt 5
    Asphalt 6 v3.1.2
    Base defense
    Blast Monkey
    Bunny Shooter
    Cut the Rope
    Drag Racing
    Flick Golf
    Fruit Ninja
    Galaxy on Fire 2
    Guerrilla Bob
    MX Mayhem (old)
    N64oid v2.6
    Order and chaos
    Plants Vs Zombies v1.0
    Racing Moto (new)
    Sentinel 3
    SHADOWGUN v1.0.3
    The Adventures of Tintin HD v1.0.5
    Tiny Robots
    Trial Xtreme 2 HD
    Turbo Fly 3D
    Wave Blazer
    Wind-up Knight v1.2

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    Hi i have a dropad and the thing is everything was perfect but i dont know what happened accidently i pushed Menu and turn on botton and now after a day the wifi stopped working and i do not know why, It can not find any connections and it goes on in the settings and goes off no connection can anyone help me? is this antena problem or it is driver problem? i tried to do factory reset but still it is not working. Any way thati can reset it in another way, when i push menu and turn on bottton it says no update image found and then it rewrites on the flash so please any help, i love my dropad it was great!!!

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